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OSRS Dagannoth Kings Guide

osrs dks guide

The Dagannoth Kings are a trio of bosses: Prime, Rex, and Supreme. Each has its unique combat style and special attacks, making the battle diverse and demanding. They are known for dropping valuable items like rings, dragon hatchets, and seercull bows. See their weaker variants here.

Gear and Inventory

Preparing for a Dagannoth Kings trip begins with the right gear and inventory:Ensure you have the best-in-slot gear for your chosen combat style. Melee is recommended for Prime and Rex, while Supreme is best defeated with Ranged.For Prime and Supreme, you’ll need food, potions, and prayer-boosting items. Rex requires Prayer gear, like prayer potions, and minimal food.

Combat Styles

Each Dagannoth King has specific weaknesses:Prime is weak to Magic. Rex is weak to Crush attacks. Supreme is weak to Stab attacks. Use these weaknesses to your advantage and gear up accordingly.

The Dagannoth Kings


Prime, the Magic-based Dagannoth King, is known for his attacks like “Water Wave” and “Magic Attack.” He occasionally disables prayers, so be prepared to flick them back on quickly. Use Protect from Magic prayer when fighting Prime and keep your distance.


Rex, the Melee Dagannoth King, can hit hard with melee attacks and a special attack called “Sever.” Using Protect from Melee prayer is essential, and pray flicking can help save prayer points. Use Crush-based weapons like a Dharok’s greataxe or abyssal bludgeon for maximum damage.


Supreme, the Ranged-based Dagannoth King, uses Ranged attacks and a powerful special attack called “Whirlpool.” Protect from Missiles prayer is vital when facing Supreme. Use Stab-based weapons like a Zamorakian hasta or abyssal tentacle.

osrs guide for dks

The Strategy

When facing the Dagannoth Kings, a popular strategy is to focus on one king at a time, while safe-spotting the others behind rocks in their chamber. Players usually start with Rex, followed by Prime, and finish with Supreme. Remember to pray against the specific king’s combat style and switch as necessary.