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OSRS Cutting Gems

osrs how to cut gems

In the vast world of OSRS, players embark on thrilling adventures, defeat formidable foes, and gather valuable resources. Among these resources are gems, which can be found through mining, thieving, or monster drops. However, gems in their raw form are far from their full potential. To unlock their true value, you need to master the art of gem cutting. In this guide, we will explore the world of gem cutting in OSRS, covering everything from obtaining raw gems to crafting exquisite jewelry.

Finding Raw Gems

Before you can begin your journey into the world of gem cutting, you need to acquire raw gems. These uncut gemstones can be obtained through various means:

  1. Mining: Mining gem rocks scattered throughout the game world is one of the primary ways to collect raw gems. Gem rocks are found in Shilo Village, Al Kharid, and the Lunar Isle. Higher Mining levels increase your chances of finding gems while mining other rocks as well.
  2. Thieving: Certain NPCs in OSRS can drop gems upon being pickpocketed. The higher your Thieving skill, the more likely you are to obtain valuable gems.
  3. Monsters: Many monsters in OSRS have a chance to drop raw gems when defeated. Monsters like TzHaar creatures and Chaos Druids are known for their gem drops.
  4. Miscellaneous Sources: Some quests and activities in the game can also reward you with raw gems. Keep an eye out for such opportunities.

Gem Types and Requirements

OSRS features a variety of gems, each with its own characteristics and requirements. Here are some of the common gems you’ll encounter:

  1. Opal: Requires 1 Crafting, used to create opal jewelry.
  2. Jade: Requires 13 Crafting, used to create jade jewelry.
  3. Red Topaz: Requires 16 Crafting, used to create red topaz jewelry.
  4. Sapphire: Requires 20 Crafting, used to create sapphire jewelry.
  5. Emerald: Requires 27 Crafting, used to create emerald jewelry.
  6. Ruby: Requires 34 Crafting, used to create ruby jewelry.
  7. Diamond: Requires 43 Crafting, used to create diamond jewelry.
  8. Dragonstone: Requires 55 Crafting, used to create dragonstone jewelry.
  9. Onyx: Requires 67 Crafting, used to create onyx jewelry.

Ensure your Crafting skill is at or above the specified level to cut these gems effectively.

Gem Cutting Process

Once you have obtained raw gems and have the required Crafting level, it’s time to start cutting them into valuable gemstones. Follow these steps:

  1. Use a Chisel: Right-click on your raw gem and select “Use” on a chisel in your inventory. This will initiate the cutting process.
  2. Choose Gem Type: Select the type of gem you want to cut from the menu that appears. Make sure you have the required Crafting level for that gem.
  3. Gem Cutting Animation: Your character will perform a cutting animation, and the raw gem will transform into a cut gemstone.
  4. Collect the Cut Gem: Once the cutting animation is complete, the cut gemstone will be placed in your inventory.

Mastering gem cutting in Old School RuneScape opens up a world of opportunities, from crafting exquisite jewelry to amassing wealth through trade. By following this guide and acquiring the necessary Crafting levels, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled gem cutter in the world of Gielinor. So, grab your chisel, collect those raw gems, and start crafting your path to success!