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OSRS Catching Dark Crabs Guide

osrs Dark Crabs fishing guide

Fishing is a popular skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), and one of the more profitable and challenging methods is catching Dark Crabs. These high-level fish can be found in the Wilderness, making the process riskier but also potentially more rewarding. In this article, we will delve into the world of Dark Crab fishing, exploring the requirements, locations, and strategies for maximizing your catch.


Before embarking on your Dark Crab fishing journey, you should ensure you meet the necessary requirements:

Fishing Level

To catch Dark Crabs, you must have a Fishing level of at least 85. Boosts can be used to achieve this level, but it’s advisable to have a steady 85 for consistent success.

Completion of the “Elite Wilderness Diary”

Completing the Elite Wilderness Diary is crucial for Dark Crab fishing, as it offers several advantages such as a chance to catch two Dark Crabs at once and a greater success rate when setting traps.

Fishing Gear

You’ll need a few key items to maximize your efficiency:

  • Dark Fishing Bait: You must carry Dark Fishing Bait to catch Dark Crabs effectively.
  • Looting Bag: This item allows you to store Dark Crabs in the Wilderness without risking losing them to other players.
  • Weaponry and Armor: Be prepared for potential player encounters in the Wilderness. Having combat gear on hand is crucial for self-defense.

Choosing Your Fishing Spot

Dark Crabs can be found in several Wilderness locations, with two of the most popular spots being:

Chaos Temple (Levels 38-40 Wilderness)

This area is relatively close to a bank, making it a more convenient choice for those who prioritize safety. However, it’s often heavily contested, so be prepared for player-versus-player (PvP) combat.

Pirates’ Hideout (Levels 51-53 Wilderness)

The Pirates’ Hideout offers fewer players but greater risks. The location is deeper into the Wilderness, which means it can be more dangerous due to the presence of high-level Wilderness bosses and aggressive NPCs. However, it can also be more rewarding in terms of Dark Crab spawns and fewer interruptions.

Catching Dark Crabs

Here’s a step-by-step guide to catching Dark Crabs in OSRS:

  1. Head to Your Chosen Location: After gearing up and ensuring you have Dark Fishing Bait, make your way to either the Chaos Temple or Pirates’ Hideout.
  2. Set Your Traps: Once you arrive, use your Dark Fishing Bait on the fishing spots to set traps. Keep an eye on the traps as they will change appearance when they have caught a Dark Crab.
  3. Loot the Traps: When a trap catches a Dark Crab, click on the trap to retrieve the crab. Be quick, as other players may try to steal your catch.
  4. Store in the Looting Bag: Immediately place the Dark Crabs you catch into your Looting Bag to protect them from potential PKers (Player Killers).
  5. Bank Regularly: Periodically, return to a bank to deposit your Dark Crabs in a secure location.