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OSRS Wilderness Diary Guide

osrs wilderness diary guide

Exploring the untamed wilderness of Old School RuneScape is an exciting endeavor that can lead to thrilling adventures, valuable loot, and countless stories to tell. To make the most of your wilderness journeys, consider keeping a Wilderness Diary. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of maintaining a diary while braving the dangers of the OSRS wilderness.

Easy Wilderness Diary

osrs wilderness easy diary guide

The Wilderness Diary is divided into four tiers: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. As a beginner, start with the Easy tasks. These tasks are relatively simple and can be completed with minimal risk. They include activities like killing certain creatures, visiting specific locations, and performing minor actions. Completing Easy tasks will earn you various rewards such as antique lamps and teleport shortcuts.

Medium Wilderness Diary

osrs wilderness medium diary guide

Once you’ve mastered the Easy tasks, it’s time to take on the Medium ones. These tasks are more demanding and may require you to venture deeper into the wilderness. Activities like defeating tougher opponents and collecting specific items are part of the Medium tier. Completing Medium tasks grants even better rewards, including more antique lamps and access to the Fountain of Rune teleport.

Hard Wilderness Diary

osrs wilderness hard diary guide

The Hard tier of the Wilderness Diary is for the bold and experienced adventurers. These tasks often involve substantial risks, such as fighting challenging bosses and completing difficult achievements. However, the rewards are worth the effort, with lucrative benefits like a permanent burning amulet and greater access to wilderness shortcuts.

Elite Wilderness Diary

osrs wilderness elite diary guide

The Elite tier of the Wilderness Diary is reserved for the elite OSRS players. These tasks are incredibly challenging and will test your skills to the limit. They may require you to defeat formidable bosses, complete rare achievements, or engage in high-risk activities. The rewards for Elite tasks are substantial, including the wilderness sword, which has powerful special abilities, and even more shortcut access.