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OSRS Canifis Rooftop Agility Course Guide

osrs Canifis agility course guide

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers a diverse range of activities for players to engage in, and one of the most popular and rewarding pursuits is agility training. Agility allows players to increase their run energy, access shortcuts, and unlock various benefits throughout the game. Among the many agility courses available, the Canifis Rooftop Agility Course stands out as a unique and challenging experience for adventurers. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Canifis Rooftop Agility Course, exploring its mechanics, rewards, and strategies.

Location and Requirements

Finding Canifis

Before you can access the Canifis Rooftop Agility Course, you must first reach the dark and eerie town of Canifis, which is located in Morytania. To get there, you need to complete the Priest in Peril quest, which unlocks access to the region. Once in Morytania, head to Canifis, a gloomy settlement known for its sinister atmosphere.

Agility Level Requirement

To tackle the Canifis Rooftop Agility Course, you must have an Agility level of at least 40. If you’re not there yet, it’s a good idea to train your Agility at lower-level courses until you meet this requirement.

The Canifis Rooftop Agility Course

The Canifis Rooftop Agility Course offers a unique and macabre experience for agility enthusiasts. It consists of a series of agility obstacles and tasks set within the town’s sinister rooftops.

Course Layout

  1. Jump Gap (40 Agility): The course begins with a gap jump, requiring a minimum Agility level of 40. Successfully clearing this gap grants you 7 Agility experience points.
  2. Climb Tall Wall (48 Agility): After the gap jump, you’ll face a tall wall. With an Agility level of 48 or higher, you can scale it and earn 7.5 Agility experience points.
  3. Walk on Steep Roof (52 Agility): Moving forward, there’s a steep roof to navigate. If your Agility level is 52 or higher, you can traverse it, gaining 8 Agility experience points.
  4. Jump Gap (66 Agility): Another gap jump awaits those with 66 Agility or more. Successfully completing it rewards you with 8.5 Agility experience points.
  5. Vault Gap (72 Agility): The final obstacle involves vaulting over a gap. Players with 72 Agility or above can clear this gap and earn 9.5 Agility experience points.

Experience and Marks of Grace

Each completed lap of the Canifis Rooftop Agility Course grants you Agility experience based on your level and the specific obstacles you overcome. Additionally, you have a chance to receive Marks of Grace while training here. Marks of Grace are valuable items used to purchase graceful outfit pieces, which reduce your weight and energy drain rate, making agility training more efficient.

Strategies and Tips

To make the most of your time at the Canifis Rooftop Agility Course, consider these strategies and tips:

  • Energy Restoration: Bring energy-restoring items like energy potions or summer pies to maintain your run energy throughout the course.
  • Weight-Reducing Gear: Wearing weight-reducing equipment, such as the graceful outfit, can help you complete laps faster and more efficiently.
  • Course Rotation: Consider using a rooftop agility course rotation, which involves moving to other agility courses once you reach the level requirements. This can provide a more varied and efficient training experience.

The Canifis Rooftop Agility Course offers OSRS players a dark and challenging agility training experience in the heart of Morytania. By completing laps of this course, you can boost your agility level, earn valuable experience, and collect Marks of Grace to acquire the graceful outfit. With proper preparation and strategy, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an agile master in the world of Old School RuneScape. So, head to Canifis, face the eerie rooftops, and embrace the agility training challenge that awaits you.