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OSRS Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests Guide

osrs rich chests guide

Before we dive into the treasure troves within Dorgesh-Kaan, let’s take a moment to introduce this unique city. Dorgesh-Kaan is a subterranean city inhabited by the peaceful Dorgeshuun goblins. To access this city, players must first complete the quest “Death to the Dorgeshuun.” This quest unlocks the city and introduces players to its fascinating culture and inhabitants. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Dorgesh-Kaan and its numerous secrets.

Locating the Rich Chests

The Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests are not immediately visible or accessible to players upon entering the city. Instead, they are hidden away in a somewhat obscure location. To find these chests, head to the eastern part of the city and locate a building known as the “Oldak’s House.” Inside, you’ll find a basement with two Rich Chests, each guarded by a Lockpickable door.

Unlocking the Rich Chests

Opening the Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests requires a Lockpick, and players must have a thieving level of at least 78 to successfully pick the lock. Without the required thieving level, players will be unable to open the chest, making this method exclusive to high-level thieves. It’s worth noting that the lockpick will not be consumed upon successfully opening a chest, so you can continue to use it for multiple attempts.

The Bountiful Rewards

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter – what makes the Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests so alluring? These chests contain an array of valuable items that can significantly boost your in-game wealth. Some of the potential rewards include:

  1. Ancient Effigies: These mysterious items can be traded for experience in various skills, making them highly sought after by skill-focused players.
  2. Dragonstone Jewelry: The chests often yield dragonstone jewelry, including rings, amulets, and bracelets, which can be sold for a substantial profit or used by players themselves.
  3. Seeds: You may find rare and valuable farming seeds in the chests, allowing you to grow high-value crops.
  4. Gemstone Bolts: Valuable gem-tipped crossbow bolts that can be used in combat or sold for profit.
  5. Coins: The chests may contain large sums of coins, further increasing your in-game wealth.

The Pros and Cons of Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests

While the Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests offer the promise of substantial rewards, it’s essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of this thieving method:


  • High-profit potential: The valuable rewards can lead to significant financial gains.
  • Low competition: Due to the high thieving requirement, these chests are often less crowded than other money-making methods.
  • No consumable lockpick: The lockpick is reusable, reducing the ongoing cost.


  • High thieving requirement: Players need a thieving level of 78, which can be time-consuming to achieve.
  • Limited accessibility: Completing “Death to the Dorgeshuun” is a prerequisite to even access the chests.
  • Randomized rewards: The contents of the chests are random, which means you may not always get high-value items.