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OSRS Tempoross Guide

osrs tempoross guide

Old School RuneScape continually introduces new content and challenges to keep players engaged. Tempoross is one such exciting addition, providing a unique and thrilling boss encounter centered around the concept of fishing. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Tempoross, exploring its lore, mechanics, strategies, and rewards. Players can boost their fishing quicker by buying gold.

Gear and Equipment

Before facing Tempoross, players should equip themselves with appropriate gear. In particular, items that boost Ranged and Prayer stats are invaluable. Recommended gear includes Karil’s crossbow, Prayer-boosting equipment like Proselyte armor, and a variety of food items.

Inventory Preparation

Ensure your inventory contains an assortment of food, Saradomin brews, Prayer potions, and some form of emergency teleportation.

osrs how to get to tempoross

The Mechanics of the Fight

Phase 1: Lure Gathering

The Tempoross encounter begins with a lure gathering phase. Players must gather these lures to bait Tempoross and draw it closer to the surface.

Phase 2: Charging Harpoon

During this phase, players charge their harpoon to prepare for the final battle. Keep an eye on the harpoon’s charge level to ensure it’s fully powered.

Phase 3: The Battle

The main battle phase commences when Tempoross breaches the surface. Players must work together to damage its core while avoiding its deadly attacks, which include lightning strikes and water spouts. Remember to prioritize healing and preserving Prayer points.

Strategies for Success


Clear communication with your team is crucial. Coordinate lure gathering, harpoon charging, and healing efforts to maximize your effectiveness.

Staying Agile

Tempoross’s attacks require quick reactions. Be ready to move out of harm’s way when you see lightning strikes or water spouts forming.

Team Roles

Consider assigning roles within your team, such as a dedicated healer or lure gatherer, to streamline the process and increase your chances of success.

The Rewards of Conquering Tempoross

Experience and Untradables

Defeating Tempoross rewards players with Ranged and Firemaking experience, making it an attractive activity for skill training. Additionally, players can earn untradable items like the Tempoross pet and Tempoross’s set, which enhances the boss encounter.

Tradeable Rewards

Tempoross also drops valuable tradeable rewards like the bruma root, used to create the bruma root incense for Prayer training, and the Dragon harpoon, a powerful and sought-after weapon.