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Wilderness Slayer

osrs wildy slayer guide

Wilderness Slayer is a Slayer skill variant that assigns you tasks to kill creatures and monsters that can be found within the Wilderness. It offers unique rewards such as the Larran’s small and big keys, as well as an increased chance of receiving emblem drops that can be exchanged for valuable items.

Getting Started

To begin Wilderness Slayer, you’ll need to:

  • Unlock Wilderness Slayer: You can unlock this skill after achieving level 85 in the regular Slayer skill and speaking to Krystilia, the Slayer master located in Edgeville.
  • Obtain an Emblem: Before you can start, you’ll need to obtain an emblem from Krystilia. You can earn one by killing other players in the Wilderness or completing Slayer tasks for her.

Choosing Tasks

When you’re ready to start, speak to Krystilia and request a Slayer task. She will assign you a task that involves killing a specific number of creatures within the Wilderness. Keep in mind that these tasks can be more challenging than regular Slayer tasks, so prepare accordingly.

Navigating the Wilderness

Navigating the Wilderness safely is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Use the Wilderness Obelisks: These teleportation devices can help you quickly move around the Wilderness. Be cautious, as they are often used by player killers (PKers) to ambush unsuspecting players.
  • Pay Attention to the Map: The in-game map shows the Wilderness levels. Higher levels are more dangerous, so be vigilant when crossing into higher-level areas.

Equipment and Inventory

Your equipment and inventory setup should prioritize both offense and defense. Bring food, potions, and gear suitable for your assigned task, and consider protecting valuable items by using the Protect Item prayer.

Combat Tips

Wilderness Slayer tasks often involve dangerous creatures, and player killers are a constant threat. Here are some combat tips:

  • Keep Your Health High: Always stay at high hitpoints to minimize the risk of getting killed by PKers or aggressive monsters.
  • Be Wary of Skulls: Players who attack others unprovoked in the Wilderness become “skulled” and risk losing all items upon death. Be cautious when encountering skulled players.

Wilderness Slayer Rewards

The primary rewards from Wilderness Slayer include Larran’s small and big keys, which can be used to access the Larran’s small and big chests for valuable loot. Additionally, you can earn points that can be spent on various rewards, such as the Rune Pouch and Slayer Helm upgrades.

Safety Precautions

To minimize risks while doing Wilderness Slayer:

  • Avoid Valuable Gear: Don’t bring your best gear into the Wilderness unless necessary for the task.
  • Stay Alert: Pay close attention to your surroundings and the mini-map to spot potential threats.
  • Use Wilderness-only Worlds: Consider using worlds dedicated to Wilderness activities to reduce the risk of encountering PKers.