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OSRS Volcanic Mine Guide

osrs volcanic mine guide

The world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is brimming with captivating adventures and activities, and one such thrilling endeavor is the Volcanic Mine. Located deep within the Karamja Volcano, this unique minigame offers players a chance to test their skills, earn valuable rewards, and delve into the treacherous depths of the Earth. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the ins and outs of Volcanic Mine, from its basic mechanics to advanced strategies that will help you make the most of your time beneath the surface.

Level Requirements

  • Mining: Level 50
  • Crafting: Level 50
  • Runecrafting: Level 50
  • Magic: Level 50
  • Prayer: Level 50

Gear and Supplies

  • Bring the best pickaxe you can use.
  • High Prayer and Magic bonus gear is recommended.
  • Runes for teleportation spells.
  • A way to restore your Prayer points.


Volcanic Mine is located in the Karamja Volcano, accessible by taking a ship from the Shilo Village or using the Karamja Gloves teleport.

entrance to volcanic mine osrs
Volcanic Mine Location


  • Mining: Mine volcanic debris to obtain volcanic fragments.
  • Crafting: Use volcanic fragments to create unstable orbs.
  • Runecrafting: Charge the unstable orbs with the power of the runecrafting altar.
  • Magic: Throw the charged orbs at the vents to cool the volcano.


In a team, players typically take on one of the following roles:

  • Miner: Focuses on mining debris.
  • Collector: Gathers unstable orbs and deposits them into the hopper.
  • Defender: Uses prayer to protect against the volcano’s attacks.
  • Repairer: Fixes damaged vents.

Strategies for Success

To excel in Volcanic Mine, consider the following strategies:

Communication is Key

Effective communication with your team members is vital. Assign roles, coordinate efforts, and keep each other informed about what’s happening.

Prioritize Mining Efficiency

Miners should focus on mining as efficiently as possible. Don’t forget to utilize your best pickaxe, and consider using mining gloves from the Motherlode Mine for additional benefits.

Balancing Act

Balancing between creating orbs, charging them, and throwing them into the vents is crucial. Make sure there’s a balance between miners, crafters, and throwers.

Prayer Points

Defenders should maintain their prayer points, as they play a pivotal role in protecting against volcanic eruptions. Utilize prayer-restoring items or spells if necessary.

Vent Repairs

Repairers should be vigilant about damaged vents and fix them promptly to prevent lava flow, which can disrupt the mining process.