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OSRS Venator Bow

osrs Venator Bow

The Venator Bow was introduced to OSRS as part of the “Trailblazer League” content update in November 2020. This league offered players a fresh gaming experience with unique tasks and rewards, including the Venator Bow. Since then, it has remained a highly desirable item in the game, often sought after by hunters and ranged combat enthusiasts.


The bow has a ranged attack bonus of +120 and requires a Ranged level of 75 to wield.

One of its unique features is the special attack called “Reverse Shot,” which consumes 50% of the special attack energy and deals a devastating shot that ignores the target’s defence.

The Venator Bow can be obtained by completing the Inferno minigame and is considered one of the most sought-after weapons in the game.