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OSRS Tekton Guide

osrs tekton guide

Before facing Tekton, it’s essential to comprehend the boss’s mechanics. Tekton is a massive golem with a unique attack pattern that can catch unprepared adventurers off guard. His attacks are a combination of both melee and magic, making it crucial to be ready for both types of damage.

Recommended Gear and Stats

To maximize your chances of success, ensure your gear and stats are up to par. Recommended stats for Tekton include at least 90 Attack, 90 Strength, and 90 Defence. Additionally, having high Ranged and Magic levels is beneficial for certain phases of the fight. As for gear, prioritize melee gear with high defensive stats and consider bringing ranged/magic gear for specific phases.

The Tekton Fight

Phase 1: Melee Attacks The Tekton fight begins with a melee phase. During this phase, Tekton primarily uses melee attacks, making it essential to protect from melee and pray against his magic attacks. The key is to attack him when he becomes enraged, which happens periodically. When enraged, his Defence decreases significantly, allowing you to deal more damage.

Phase 2: Ranged Attacks After depleting a portion of Tekton’s health, he transitions to a ranged phase. In this phase, he mainly uses ranged attacks, making it crucial to switch your prayer to protect from missiles. Continue to attack him when he becomes enraged, but be mindful of your prayer points.

Phase 3: Magic Attacks The final phase of the Tekton fight features magic attacks. This phase can be challenging due to the high damage potential of his magic attacks. Protect from Magic prayer is essential here. Maintain your distance, and be prepared to switch to ranged gear and prayer if necessary. Enraged attacks remain your primary damage source.

osrs tekton hit and run method

Tips for Success

Team Coordination

Tekton is typically encountered in a team setting, so communication is key. Coordinate with your teammates to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding prayers and attack timings. Effective teamwork greatly increases your chances of success.

Food and Supplies

Always bring an ample supply of food, potions, and prayer-restoring items to the fight. Saradomin brews and Super restores are excellent choices for prolonged battles like Tekton. Ensure you have enough inventory space for loot as well.

Timing Your Attacks

Timing your attacks during Tekton’s enraged state is crucial for a successful kill. Use powerful special attacks, such as the Dragon Warhammer’s special, to reduce his Defence even further and maximize your damage output.