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OSRS Steel Dragon Guide

osrs steel dragons guide

Steel Dragons are formidable foes in Old School RuneScape known for their high defense and ranged attacks. These metallic monsters reside within the Brimhaven Dungeon and can be a lucrative source of profit for experienced adventurers.


Steel Dragons are primarily found in the Brimhaven Dungeon. To access them, pay a fee to Saniboch at the entrance or use a Brimhaven teleport tablet.

Other locations for Steel Dragons include:

  1. Kourend Catacombs: You can find a small group of Steel Dragons in the Kourend Catacombs. They are located in the area near the Brutal Black Dragons.
  2. Wilderness Resource Area: A single Steel Dragon can be found in the Wilderness resource area. Access this area with a lockpick or agility shortcut.


  • Level 1 Slayer is required to harm Steel Dragons.
  • Level 85 Magic is recommended for the Spellbook Swap spell to access the Ancient Magicks, which can be useful when safe-spotting Steel Dragons.
  • A high Ranged level is advised for quicker kills.

Gear Setup

osrs steel dragons melee gear

Recommended Gear and Inventory:

  • Ranged or Magic Gear: Steel Dragons are weak to both Ranged and Magic attacks. Choose the combat style you prefer. Karil’s crossbow, Rune Crossbow, or a strong Magic setup will work well.
  • Anti-Dragon Shield or Dragonfire Shield: These shields provide protection against the dragon’s fire breath attack. The Dragonfire Shield also has a special attack that reduces incoming dragonfire damage.
  • Anti-Fire Potion: This potion reduces dragonfire damage. It’s not necessary if you’re using the Dragonfire Shield or Anti-Dragon Shield.
  • Food: Bring high-healing food like sharks, monkfish, or better to sustain your health.
  • Prayer Potions: You can use Protect from Melee or Protect from Missiles to reduce damage, but this isn’t mandatory.
  • Rune or Dragon Bolts (for Ranged): These bolts can be used to increase your accuracy and damage.
  • Axe or Pickaxe (for Wilderness Dungeon): If you’re slaying Steel Dragons in the Wilderness resource area, bring an axe or pickaxe to access the area.

Slaying Steel Dragons:

  1. Equip your chosen combat gear and anti-dragon shield.
  2. Enter the Steel Dragon location of your choice.
  3. Attack the Steel Dragons using Ranged or Magic from a safe spot, if possible, to minimize damage taken. If safespotting, use the appropriate Prayers for protection.
  4. Keep an eye on your health and prayer points. Consume food and prayer potions as necessary.
  5. Collect the drops. Steel Dragons can drop valuable items, including the Dragon Platelegs and Draconic Visage.
  6. When your inventory is full or you need to replenish supplies, teleport to a bank or use a House Teleport to restore your stats and continue.


  • Use the Spellbook Swap spell for access to the Ancient Magicks to cast Blood Barrage or Ice Barrage, which can be effective against Steel Dragons.
  • If you choose to kill Steel Dragons in the Wilderness resource area, be cautious of player killers (PKers) in the Wilderness.
  • It’s more efficient to use an instance when slaying Steel Dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon to avoid competition with other players.