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OSRS Spiritual Creatures Guide

osrs Spiritual Creatures guide

Spiritual Creatures are a group of monsters in OSRS known for their spiritual and mystical nature. These creatures are generally found in the God Wars Dungeon, which requires the completion of the Troll Stronghold quest to access. They are often chosen for Slayer tasks due to their notable drops and decent combat experience.


  • The Saradomin Encampment is situated in the God Wars Dungeon, accessible via the Trollheim Teleport.
  • The Armadyl Eyrie is located in the God Wars Dungeon. You can reach it by using the Eagle Transport System with a charged amulet of glory.
  • The Bandos Stronghold is situated in the southwestern part of the God Wars Dungeon. Access it via the entrance near the Goblin Village.

Gear Setup

osrs melee setup for Spiritual Creatures

You can create these setups easily if you have enough GP.