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OSRS Spirit Tree

osrs spirit tree

Spirit Trees, often referred to as Elder Trees, are ancient, sentient beings in the OSRS lore. They were created by the gnome race, specifically the gnome Glouphrie, through a process of imbuing regular trees with magical properties. These trees have become integral to the gnome culture and are highly respected among the gnome community.

The first Spirit Tree was planted in the Tree Gnome Stronghold by Glouphrie himself, marking the inception of this unique transportation network. Over time, additional Spirit Trees were planted at strategic locations, connecting various parts of the OSRS world.

osrs spirit tree
Spirit Tree


Spirit Trees are dispersed across the OSRS map, providing players with a convenient method of travel. Each Spirit Tree is typically located near a gnome settlement or significant landmark. Some prominent Spirit Tree locations include:

1. Tree Gnome Stronghold

The Tree Gnome Stronghold serves as the primary hub for Spirit Tree transportation. The central Spirit Tree here connects to various other Spirit Trees throughout the game world.

2. Taverley

In Taverley, you’ll find a Spirit Tree located near the bank. This tree provides quick access to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, making it a popular choice for players.

3. Battlefield of Khazard

The Battlefield of Khazard is home to another Spirit Tree. It’s a convenient option for those exploring the Ardougne area and other nearby locations.

4. Port Sarim

Port Sarim’s Spirit Tree grants access to a location near Brimhaven, which is useful for players interested in the Agility Arena and Karamja activities.

How to Use Spirit Trees

Using Spirit Trees is relatively straightforward. To teleport via a Spirit Tree, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a Spirit Tree: Find a Spirit Tree at one of the mentioned locations or any other Spirit Tree spot you discover during your adventures.
  2. Right-Click the Tree: Click on the Spirit Tree, and a menu will appear with various destination options.
  3. Select Your Destination: Choose the Spirit Tree destination that corresponds to the location you wish to visit. Keep in mind that you must have previously visited a Spirit Tree’s destination to be able to teleport to it.
  4. Confirm Your Choice: Click on the destination of your choice to confirm your selection.
  5. Enjoy the Teleportation: Your character will be teleported to the selected destination, saving you valuable time and effort in traversing the game world.