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OSRS Sarachnis Guide

sarachnis guide osrs

Sarachnis is a giant, spider-like creature dwelling in the Sisterhood Sanctuary, accessible through the Crabclaw Caves in the Hosidius House of Great Kourend. She’s known for her distinctive appearance, eight long legs, and her affinity for summoning minions to aid her in battle. As one of the medium-level bosses in OSRS, defeating Sarachnis offers players the chance to obtain unique drops and valuable rewards.

osrs how to get to sarachnis
Above entrances to the Forthos Dungeon
osrs map of forthos dungeon
Sarachnis location within the Forthos Dungeon

Gear and Inventory

Choose appropriate gear and weaponry for the fight. Ranged and melee combat styles work well. Be sure to bring sufficient food and potions to sustain yourself during the battle.

Fighting Sarachnis

Sarachnis employs a range of attacks, making the battle dynamic and challenging. Here’s what to expect:

1. Basic Attacks

Sarachnis uses a combination of ranged and melee attacks. She can also drain your Prayer points, so keep an eye on them.

2. Minion Summoning

Periodically, Sarachnis summons her spider minions to assist her. You can choose to defeat them for additional loot or focus solely on Sarachnis.

3. Egg Bomb Attack

Sarachnis has a special attack where she throws egg bombs. These can deal substantial damage, so be prepared to move out of their path.