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OSRS Sanguinesti Staff

osrs Sanguinesti Staff

The Sanguinesti Staff is a powerful and coveted magical weapon in Old School RuneScape. This staff is unique for its ability to cast Ancient Magicks, making it a preferred choice for players engaging in high-level combat and PvP activities. What sets the Sanguinesti Staff apart is its special attack, “Vampyric Embrace,” which not only damages the opponent but also heals the wielder based on the damage inflicted.

Sanguinesti Staff Stats

osrs Sanguinesti Staff stats
Sanguinesti Staff Stats

Attack Bonuses (Magic):

  • Magic Attack: +25
  • Magic Damage: +15%

Defence Bonuses (Magic):

  • Stab: +12
  • Slash: +13
  • Crush: +17
  • Magic: +25
  • Ranged: +13

Other Bonuses:

  • Strength Bonus: +0
  • Prayer Bonus: +6

Special Attack:

The Sanguinesti Staff has a special attack called “Power of Blood.” This special attack consumes 100% of your special attack energy. It increases your maximum hitpoints by 50% for one minute, effectively increasing your hitpoints above their normal maximum.


To wield the Sanguinesti Staff, you need a Magic level of 75.

Obtaining the Sanguinesti Staff:

The Sanguinesti Staff can be obtained as a rare drop from the Theatre of Blood, a high-level raid located in Meiyerditch. It’s dropped by the raid’s final boss, Verzik Vitur.


  • The Sanguinesti Staff is primarily used for casting spells from the Arceuus spellbook, including Blood spells. It offers a significant magic attack bonus and damage boost, making it a valuable choice for combat situations where magic is the primary attack method.
  • The special attack “Power of Blood” is used to temporarily boost hitpoints, which can be helpful in PvM scenarios where having higher hitpoints can extend your survivability.

The Sanguinesti Staff is a highly prized and valuable weapon in OSRS, valued for its effectiveness in combat and its special ability to boost hitpoints. It is especially sought after for its use in the Theatre of Blood raid and various high-level combat encounters.