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OSRS Romeo & Juliet Guide

osrs Romeo & Juliet guide

Romeo & Juliet was one of runescapes very first quests. It can be completed on free to play worlds and its story roughly resembles the Romeo & Juliet play from William Shakespeare.


Quest Requirements
  • None
Items Required
  • Cadava berries
  • Varrock teleports
Monsters to kill
  • None

Guide to complete Romeo & Juliet

Start out the quest by speaking to Romeo in the Varrock Square, near the Fountain. Select options 1 and 1 during the dialogue to start the quest. Next you will need to go to the 1st floor of the house west of varrock’s west bank and speak with Juliet. Select options 1 and 1 again during the dialogue.

Return with the letter from Juliet and hand it to Romeo, select option 4 during the dialogue. After this you will need to go to Father Lawrence in the church in the north-east part of Varrock. He will mention cadava potions and say you should speak to the Apothecary about them. If you don’t already have some Cadava berries, you can get them from the area west of varrocks south-eastern mine.

Take the berries to the Apothecary south of varrock and have him make the Cadava potion. Take the potion back to Juliet and use it on her. Next return to Romeo and tell him to meet Juliet in the crypt to complete your quest.

Quest Rewards

When you complete the Romeo & Juliet quest, you will be rewarded with 5 quest points.

osrs Romeo & Juliet rewards
Romeo & Juliet Rewards