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OSRS Red Chinchompas Guide

osrs red chinchompas guide

Red Chinchompas are highly sought-after creatures in Old School RuneScape known for their excellent experience rates and profitability. They are primarily hunted for their valuable chinchompa fur and the experience gained during the process. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Red Chinchompa hunting, covering everything from preparation to efficient hunting methods.

Gear and Inventory

To begin your Red Chinchompa hunting journey, make sure you’re wearing your best Ranged gear. Equip gear that boosts your Ranged accuracy and damage. A good setup typically includes Void Knight equipment, a God Book (Zamorak or Guthix for prayer bonuses), and Ava’s Device. Bring along prayer potions or prayer-restoring items, such as bones or ashes, as Red Chinchompas are found in the Wilderness and prayer is essential to protect yourself from player killers.

Red Chinchompa Hunting Location

Red Chinchompas are located in the Wilderness, specifically in the area known as the “Red Chinchompa Hunting Grounds.” To reach this location, use the Ardougne Lever to teleport to the Wilderness. Be aware that this area is a hotspot for player killers, so it’s advisable to be cautious and prepared for combat.

Catching Red Chinchompas

Once you’re fully equipped and prepared, it’s time to start hunting Red Chinchompas:

Setting Traps: Red Chinchompas are caught using box traps. Place your traps in a strategic location in the hunting area, spacing them out to maximize your catch rate. A good practice is to position your traps near the walls of the hunting grounds, as this can limit the angles from which potential attackers can approach.

Looting and Checking Traps: Continuously check your traps for caught chinchompas. Red Chinchompas are stackable in your inventory, so there’s no need to bank them immediately. However, be vigilant, as player killers might attack at any moment.

Protect from Missiles Prayer: Activate the “Protect from Missiles” prayer when you spot potential threats. This prayer significantly reduces the damage taken from Ranged attacks, providing valuable protection against PKers.

Teleport Options: Ensure you have a reliable teleport option to escape dangerous situations. Many players prefer the use of a Games Necklace to teleport to the Clan Wars arena, where they can access a safe portal to exit the Wilderness.