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OSRS Phosani’s Nightmare Guide

osrs phosanis nightmare guide

Phosani’s Nightmare is a challenging and rewarding boss fight introduced to Old School RuneScape (OSRS) in early 2020. Located in the Sisterhood Sanctuary beneath Slepe, this formidable foe offers players a chance to earn valuable rewards, including Inquisitor’s armor and the Nightmare Staff. In this guide, we’ll delve into the strategies, requirements, and tips you need to conquer the Phosani’s Nightmare in OSRS.

osrs phosani's nightmare using a magical attack


Before embarking on your journey to face Phosani’s Nightmare, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  1. Combat Level: It’s advisable to have a combat level of at least 100, with higher stats for better chances of success.
  2. Prayer Level: A Prayer level of 70 or higher is recommended, as you’ll rely heavily on Protect from Melee and other prayers during the fight.
  3. Gear: Opt for high-tier gear, including Barrows equipment, the best-in-slot items, and, if possible, Inquisitor’s armor.
  4. Quests: Completion of the “A Taste of Hope” and “Sins of the Father” quests is necessary to access the Sisterhood Sanctuary.

Entering the Nightmare

To access Phosani’s Nightmare, you must travel to Slepe, located in eastern Morytania. After completing the prerequisite quests, you can enter the Sisterhood Sanctuary by crawling through the small tunnel near the Ectofuntus.

Mechanics of the Fight

Phosani’s Nightmare has a set of unique mechanics that you must understand to succeed:

  1. Sleepwalk: Periodically, Phosani will put players to sleep, immobilizing them. To break free, players must click rapidly and rotate the camera.
  2. Nightmare Zone: The fight takes place in a nightmare zone that periodically damages players. Staying mobile and using protection prayers is crucial to mitigate this damage.
  3. Elders and Poxes: Throughout the fight, Elders and Poxes will spawn. Kill Elders as soon as possible to prevent them from healing Phosani, and prioritize Poxes to avoid taking excessive damage.

Combat Strategy

Here’s a step-by-step strategy for defeating Phosani’s Nightmare:

  1. Protect from Melee: Begin the fight by activating Protect from Melee to reduce the damage from Phosani’s attacks.
  2. Constant Movement: Always stay on the move to avoid taking too much damage from the nightmare zone. Phosani’s attacks are most dangerous when she’s in her nightmare phase.
  3. Focus on Elders and Poxes: As Elders and Poxes spawn, prioritize them over Phosani. Elders should be killed quickly to prevent healing, and Poxes should be taken out to minimize incoming damage.
  4. Prayer Management: Keep a close eye on your prayer points. Prayer potions and other prayer-restoring items are essential for surviving the fight.
  5. Spec Attacks: Use your special attack weapon during the fight to maximize damage output.
  6. Food and Healing: Bring ample food to sustain yourself throughout the battle. Saradomin brews and anglerfish are excellent choices.
  7. Communication: If you’re fighting in a group, clear communication is key. Assign roles and ensure everyone understands their responsibilities.