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OSRS Occult Necklace

osrs Occult Necklace

In the enchanting realm of Old School RuneScape, where adventurers seek treasures and secrets in a fantastical world, there exists a mystical item known as the Occult Necklace. This coveted accessory has long been a topic of intrigue and fascination among players, offering potent magical necklace benefits and enhancing the arcane arts.

Occult Stats


  • Magic Attack: +12
  • Magic Damage: +10%
  • Prayer: -1


To wear the Occult Necklace, you need an Amulet of Fury to be combined with a Krug’s necklace. The Krug’s necklace is dropped by Skotizo, a boss monster that can be encountered in the Catacombs of Kourend. The Amulet of Fury can be bought or crafted.

Special Attributes:

The primary benefit of the Occult Necklace is the significant boost it provides to Magic damage. With a +10% Magic damage increase, it enhances the effectiveness of Magic spells, making it a favored choice for combat situations, particularly when players are focused on maximizing their Magic damage output.


  • The Occult Necklace is mainly used for PvM (Player vs. Monster) combat activities and boss fights where Magic is the primary combat style.
  • It’s valuable for high-level content like bossing, Slayer tasks, and combat situations where dealing significant Magic damage is crucial.
  • The necklace is also commonly used for activities that involve Burst or Barrage spells in multi-combat areas, such as the Nightmare Zone.

The Occult Necklace is highly sought after by Magic-focused players in OSRS due to its substantial damage increase. It enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of Magic combat, particularly in boss battles and high-level PvM activities.