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OSRS Nex Guide

osrs nex guide

Nex is the most powerful of the five God Wars Dungeon bosses. As so she is imprisoned beneath the God Wars Dungeon. To unlock access to her players must first assemble the frozen key, by killing each of the warring god wars factions; Commander Zilyana, General Graardor, K’ril Tsutsaroth and Kree’arra respectively.

How to get to Nex?

Nex can be found in the God Wars Dungeon. Players are required to have completed the Frozen Door miniquest to enter her chambers.

Players will then have to gather Zaros kill count to enter Nex’s final chamber. It is recommended to kill the spiritual mages as they give 5 kill count per kill. Also, wearing a Zaros related item is advised to avoid monsters becoming aggressive. It is recommended to get around 80 to 120 kill count before starting with your chosen team as it will make resupplying faster.

Nex Strats & Tricks

This brief guide/overview assumes you have base knowledge of Nex. This oldschool guide is made for smaller scale Nex teams (anywhere between 4-8 man). Teams should aim to have 1 dedicated person for cough tanking.

Raw DPS output on paper show that melee setups are better DPS than range setups. DPS calculator is a bit misleading due to melee setups usually having more trouble to maintain max DPS at all times (pathing to Nex, contain this, blood sacrifice, deflect melee etc).

Overall, I believe having a mixture of both meleers and rangers is best for consistency of kills. Range setups are usually more chill and reclined than melee setups.

Range Setup

nex setup osrs
Nex gear setup for Ranged

Melee Setup

nex gear setup
Nex gear setup for Melee

Nex Fight Overview & Mechanics

Below you can see a range of tips and mechanics you can do to gain an advantage through-out the fight. Helping you gain an advantage and increasing overall efficiency.

Smoke Phase

Pray protect from magic through-out and stand in melee distance of Nex during this phase.

During the phase Nex will use the following special attacks:

  • Choke: Nex will shout “let the virus flow through you!”. The player furthest away with the least amount of mage defence will be targeted. They will become infected, draining two prayer points every 1.2 seconds, stats will also be drained based on the players highest attack bonus. The virus can be spread between players if stood adjacent to each other. They can be identified by the “*Cough*” message above their heads.
  • Drag: Nex will drag a player towards her. They will be stunned and their protection prayers deactivated. If you are playing protect from magic there is a 1/8 chance she will drag you, and if you are not praying protect from magic a 1/4 chance. She will only drag players that are within a 6 tile radius.
  • Smoke Dash: Nex will shout “there is… NO ESCAPE!” and charge down one of the four aisles dealing up to 50 damage to those in the aisle. Nex will look in the direction she intends on charging down prior to the attack, this acts as a warning to move from the area.

Everyone starts melee distance, except for tank, who stands at least 1 tile away from Nex. Cough tank example shown below for the choke special attack.

Once Nex reaches 80% Health, she will shout “Fumus, don’t fail me!”. Meaning her mage Fumus is vulnerable, and must be killed to enter the next phase. It is weakest to stab attacks, but ranged is still good dps.

Shadow Phase

Use protect from Missiles through-out this phase. It will cut her ranged attack damage in half. She will deal more damage based on her proximity to the player. Therefore, it is advised to keep your distance through-out the phase and maintain high hp. With protect from missiles Nex can still deal up to 30 damage if close enough to the player.

Her special attacks in this phase are:

  • Shadow Smash: Deadly shadows will spawn under each player when Nex shouts “Fear the shadow!”. Players have 3 ticks to move out of their way before they explode and deal up to 50 damage.
  • Embrace Darkness: Nex will say “Embrace Darkness!”. This attack will cause her chambers to become darkened. The closer the player is to Nex, the darker the room will appear. If standing too close to Nex, players will take constant damage. If triggered the player must remian outside of Nex’s melee distance for 10-15 seconds.

Once Nex calls for Umbra at 60% Health, it is vital to lure/keep Nex away from Umbra. This allows the entire team to attack Umbra. Umbra is weakest to ranged attacks.

Blood Phase

During the blood phase, Nex will predominantly use a Blood Barrage attack against players. Healing her for a percentage of damage dealt. The blood barrage only targets one player within the chamber, however, it has a 3×3 area of effect on the targeted player. Therefore, those who get targeted should ensure they move away from other players to reduce damage and prevent Nex from healing excessively.

Her special attacks for this phase are as follows:

  • Blood Siphon: Up to 8 Blood reavers will be spawned when Nex shouts “A siphon will solve this!”. Nex will kneel down for 8 ticks, do not attack Nex during these 8 ticks, any damage she receives will instead heal her. Any reavers that are left alive will die and heal nex for their remaining health.
  • Blood Sacrifice: Nex will mark a single player for sacrifice, they will glow red. The player will have between 4 and 5 seconds to move a minimum of seven tiles away or risk being dealt damage up to 50 hitpoints.

at 40% health, Cruor will become attackable. He is weakest to slash attacks, however, ranged still works well here. Remaining blood reavers will automatically die once the next phase is started.

Ice Phase

Pray protect from magic through-out this phase. Nex will use an Ice barrage attack which can freeze you if you are not praying correctly. Also, be sure to always stand in melee distance for this phase.

Nex’s special attacks in this phase are as follows:

  • Containment: Nex will shout “contain this!”, she will use a smash attack on the floor, in front of her, causing icicles to appear in a 5×5 area surrounding her. If a player is caught in this they will receive damage up to 60 hp, while also deactivating protection prayers. If you do become trapped, using protect from missiles will half the amount of damage dealt.
  • Ice Prison: Nex will target a player using an attack that spawns ice stalagmites within a 3×3 area of effect. Focused on the targeted players location and deactivating their protection prayers. If the player/s do not escape within four seconds they will receive damage up to 75 hitpoints. To destroy the stalagmite’s players must use a crush-based attack. If for whatever reason you can not escape, praying protect from range will half the incoming damage.

When Nex reaches 20% Health, Glacies will become attackable. Kill it with crush attacks or ranged to proceed to the final phase.

Zaros Phase

The Zaros phase represents Nex’s final form. She will start the phase by healing for 500 hp. Through-out the phase she will attack using only her standard melee and magic attacks, use protect from magic. Players should stand as close to Nex as possible to reduce damage taken from magical attacks.

Nex will use different ancient curses, including overhead prayers that she will alternate through every 5 attacks. They are as follows:

  • Turmoil: Her magic and melee attacks are more accurate and powerful. Can also drain players melee stats.
  • Soul Split: Overhead prayer whereby Nex will heal a small percentage based on every successful hit she deals to players.
  • Deflect Melee: Deflects melee damage she would have received onto the player who attacks her with melee..
  • Wrath: Stronger version of the Retribution prayer. Deals up to 45 damage if players are within a 5×5 radius of Nex upon her death. You have three seconds to run away after Nex dies.

Other Tips and Tricks for Killing Nex

Red-x follow stall

This can be used to mitigate some damage on specific phases (smoke, ice, zaros), however some DPS is lost due to 1 person not being tick efficient, and it will be harder for meleers to know when deflect melee is about to come up on Zaros phase. It is important to communicate with the team if red-x stalling will be used or not so that everyone is on board. Example shown below:


Traditional method for resupplying allows everyone to leave the instance and simply regear. However, if you have an alt available then you can use that to resupply within the instance. Below is a setup for the resupply alt.

Line of Sight at Nex

Understanding Nex line of sight helps you to avoid some damage when dealing with minions. If Nex is on east-west lane, then you can stand to the right on black line as shown in picture below – then Nex will not attack you (unless its aggroed towards you, then it will path around the center and get in line of sight). If Nex stood on north-south lane, Nexus and Oste Kappe would be out of line of sight. This applies when killing any minion.

Nex Line of Sight

Nex FAQs

Below is a list of commonly asked questions by players new to Nex in OSRS.

Is Nex Soloable in osrs?

Yes, it is possible to kill nex in a solo. However, it is extremely difficult and not recommended.

Is there a discord for Nex?

Yes, one of the most popular Nex discords is Nexcord.

How many Nex kills per hour?

In teams of around 5-6 players, it is possible to get up to 12 kills per hour. In Duo it is possible to get 6/7 kills per hour.

Best Nex scale for profit?

Duo is the best scale for money making and profit. However, it is arguably the hardest scale outside of solo, so good starting gear is required. Alternatively, players can buy money from a trusted seller.

What is the drop rate at Nex?

There is a 1 in 43 chance of rolling a unique drop on the Nex table. This is per Nex kill rather than for each player. Individual unique rates are as follows: