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OSRS Mahogany Tables

osrs constructing mahogany tables

Mahogany tables are essential for high-level Construction training in OSRS. They offer a substantial experience boost compared to other furniture items, making them a favored choice among players looking to reach the coveted 99 Construction skill. These tables come in various forms, each granting different experience points (XP) and requiring different Construction levels to build. Here are some of the key mahogany homes tables you can craft:

  1. Mahogany Dining Table (Round): Requires level 52 Construction and grants 840 XP per table built.
  2. Mahogany Bench with Pillar: Requires level 77 Construction and offers 1,200 XP per bench.
  3. Mahogany Table: Requires level 87 Construction and yields 840 XP per table.

How to Make Mahogany Tables

To start crafting mahogany tables, you’ll need several materials and a Workshop space in your Player-Owned House (POH). Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make them:

Step 1: Gather Materials

To build mahogany tables, you’ll require the following materials:

  • Mahogany planks (3 or 6, depending on the table)
  • Coins (for Butler payments)
  • A saw
  • A hammer
  • Nails (if you’re not using the “Remove” option with the Butler)

Step 2: Prepare Your Workshop

Ensure you have a Workshop with the necessary furniture, including a workbench and a saw. Additionally, hire a Butler to assist you in your Construction endeavors, as they can fetch items from the bank and remove items from the inventory.

Step 3: Build the Tables

Now that you have all the materials and a well-equipped Workshop, use the planks, coins, saw, and hammer to construct the mahogany tables of your choice. Simply right-click on the workbench, select “Build,” and choose the table type. The Butler will help you by fetching the required materials, making the process smoother.

Experience Gains and Efficiency

Training Construction with mahogany tables is one of the fastest methods in OSRS. The high XP rewards make it an efficient choice for players aiming to reach 99 Construction. To maximize your efficiency, consider using the “One-Tick” method, which involves using the Butler to remove items from your inventory, allowing you to build tables even faster.