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OSRS Mage Arena II Guide

osrs mage arena 2 guide

The Mage Arena 2, also known as the “Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode,” is a sequel to the original Mage Arena mini-game. Located in the deep Wilderness, this challenge mode is designed for players seeking a formidable test of their combat prowess and puzzle-solving abilities. Your goal is to obtain powerful god capes that grant exceptional magic bonuses.

Requirements and Recommendations

Before venturing into the Mage Arena 2, it’s essential to meet certain requirements and have recommended gear:

  1. High Magic Level: A minimum of 75 Magic is required to access the Mage Arena 2.
  2. Completion of Mage Arena I: You must have completed the original Mage Arena mini-game to participate in its sequel.
  3. Good Combat Stats: High Hitpoints, Defence, and Magic levels are essential for surviving the challenges.
  4. Recommended Gear: Gear up with high-tier equipment, such as ancestral robes, toxic trident, and the best-in-slot items for your level.

The Trials

The Mage Arena 2 consists of a series of trials, each involving combat against powerful bosses and solving intricate puzzles:

  1. The Mysterious Stranger: The first trial involves defeating a powerful mage named Kolodion. It’s a test of your combat abilities, so come prepared with your best gear and combat potions.
  2. The Enigmatic Hoardstalker: In this trial, you must collect various items from around Gielinor. It’s a scavenger hunt that will test your knowledge of the game world.
  3. The Untouchable: Your next challenge is to defeat three bosses: Porazdir, Justiciar Zachariah, and Derwen. Each has unique abilities, so develop a strategy before facing them.
  4. The Inferno Adze: To obtain the god capes, you’ll need to defeat the powerful boss, the Inferno Adze. This battle is not for the faint-hearted, so be sure to have the best gear and tactics.
mage arena 2 boss spawn locations
Potential spawn points


Completing the Mage Arena 2 is not without its rewards. The god capes you obtain are among the best-in-slot items for magic users, offering significant magic bonuses. Additionally, the sense of accomplishment from conquering these challenging trials is a reward in itself.