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OSRS Karambwan Fishing Guide

osrs Karambwan fishing guide

Karambwan fishing is a method of catching Karambwanji, a bait used to catch Karambwans. Karambwans are a highly sought-after food source in OSRS due to their high healing properties and the potential for significant profit when cooked and sold.

Getting Started

To begin your Karambwan fishing journey, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Requirements

  • You must have completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest to access Karamja and use the fishing spot.
  • A karambwan vessel is required to reach the fishing location, which can be purchased for 5,001 coins from Lubufu at the fishing platform.

2. Fishing Gear

  • Equip a Karambwan vessel in your inventory and any fishing rod to catch Karambwanji.
  • You’ll also need some bait (raw Karambwanji) to start fishing for Karambwan.

Catching Karambwanji

Karambwanji is the bait needed to catch Karambwans. Here’s how to catch Karambwanji:

  1. Stand near the fishing spot on the fishing platform.
  2. Use your fishing rod on the bait fishing spot, and you’ll start catching Karambwanji.
  3. The process is automated; you’ll continue to catch Karambwanji until your inventory is full or you decide to stop.

Catching Karambwans

Once you have a sufficient amount of Karambwanji, you can start catching Karambwans. Follow these steps:

  1. Stand near the Karambwan fishing spot on the same platform.
  2. Use a Karambwan vessel on the fishing spot.
  3. A confirmation message will appear; select “Yes” to start fishing.
  4. You’ll continue to fish until your Karambwanji bait runs out or you manually stop.
Karambwan catch rates