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OSRS Kalphite Guide

osrs kalphite guide

Kalphites are formidable insectoid creatures found in the Kharidian Desert of Old School RuneScape. This guide will provide you with essential information and strategies to effectively combat these creatures. Whether you’re hunting for valuable drops or simply looking to complete quests, understanding Kalphites is crucial.


Kalphites can be found in two main locations:

  • Kalphite Lair: Located in the Kharidian Desert, this is where you’ll find both regular Kalphites and the mighty Kalphite Queen.
  • Exiled Kalphite Hive: Unlocked during the ‘The Exiled Kalphite Hive’ quest, this area houses stronger Kalphite variants with better drops.

Gear Setup

osrs melee setup for Kalphites