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OSRS Infernal Eel Fishing Guide

osrs Infernal Eels guide

In the vast and dynamic world of OSRS, players are constantly seeking new and exciting challenges to undertake. One such challenge is the pursuit of Infernal Eel fishing, a unique and rewarding activity that offers valuable rewards and a chance to test your fishing skills. In this guide, we will delve into the world of Infernal Eel fishing, covering everything from preparation to the process itself.

Preparation: Gear and Requirements

Before embarking on your Infernal Eel fishing journey, it’s essential to ensure you meet the necessary requirements and have the right gear. To catch Infernal Eels, players must have level 80 Fishing, level 80 Cooking, and have completed the “Regicide” quest. Additionally, you’ll need to obtain a lovakite ore box from a certain NPC to store the eels you catch.

For your fishing gear, a crystal fishing rod and crystal harpoon are highly recommended. These items offer a 20% chance to catch an extra fish, making your eel-catching endeavors more efficient. A high Fishing level and the use of the Dragon Harpoon special attack can further boost your catch rate.

Location: The TzHaar City

Infernal Eels can only be found in the TzHaar city of Mor Ul Rek, accessible through the Karamja Volcano. It’s advisable to bring some form of teleportation to the volcano to save time. Once there, navigate through the city until you find the fishing spots located near the lava pools. You’ll recognize them by the bubbling lava and distinct appearance.

osrs infernal eels fishing spot

Catching Infernal Eels

Now that you’re in the right place, it’s time to start catching Infernal Eels. To maximize your efficiency, consider using the “Infernal Eel” option on your fishing rod or harpoon to ensure you don’t accidentally catch regular fish. Keep in mind that Infernal Eels are caught one at a time, so patience and persistence are key.

Infernal Eels can be exchanged for tokkul, the currency of the TzHaar city, at a 1:10 ratio. This means you can accumulate a significant amount of tokkul over time, making it a lucrative venture. It’s also worth noting that Infernal Eel fishing offers a chance to receive onyx bolt tips, adding to the potential profits.

Experience and Rewards

Aside from the tokkul and potential bolt tips, Infernal Eel fishing offers valuable experience points in both Fishing and Cooking. At level 80 in both skills, you can expect to gain around 350 experience per catch, making it an efficient way to level up. Additionally, the crystal fishing rod and harpoon provide a 5% experience boost, further enhancing your gains.