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OSRS How to switch Spellbooks

osrs how to change spellbook

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a game known for its complexity and diverse gameplay options, and one of the most crucial elements for spellcasters is the choice of spellbook. As your character progresses, you might find yourself wanting to switch spellbooks to access different spells and abilities. In this article, we will walk you through the process of switching spellbooks in OSRS.

Understanding the Spellbooks

OSRS offers three different spellbooks: the Standard Spellbook, the Ancient Magicks Spellbook, and the Lunar Spellbook. Each spellbook has a unique set of spells and abilities tailored to various gameplay styles.

  • The Standard Spellbook: This is the default spellbook, offering a wide range of spells that include combat, utility, and teleportation spells. It’s the most versatile spellbook and is often used for general tasks.
  • The Ancient Magicks Spellbook: Ancient Magicks focuses on combat and utility spells with a heavy emphasis on offensive magic. Many players switch to this spellbook for bossing or high-level combat scenarios.
  • The Lunar Spellbook: Lunar spells are primarily utility-focused and offer a variety of non-combat spells that assist with skilling and support activities. It’s commonly used for activities like farming and construction.
change to the lunar spellbook easy in osrs
Lunar Spellbook

Switching Spellbooks

Now that you understand the different spellbooks in OSRS, let’s delve into the process of switching between them:

  1. Unlock the Spellbook Altar: To switch spellbooks, you must first unlock the Spellbook Altar. This can be done by completing the quest “Lunar Diplomacy” to unlock the Lunar Spellbook and “Desert Treasure” to unlock the Ancient Magicks Spellbook. Both quests are challenging and require high skill levels, so be prepared.
  2. Accessing the Altar: Once you’ve completed the required quests, you can access the Spellbook Altar. For the Standard Spellbook, you can find the altar in the Wizards’ Guild in Yanille. For the Ancient Magicks Spellbook, visit the Pyramid in the Kharidian Desert. To access the Lunar Spellbook, visit the Astral Altar on the Lunar Isle.
  3. Switching Spellbooks: Stand near the altar and right-click on it. You will see an option to switch to the spellbook associated with that altar. Click on it to switch to the desired spellbook.
  4. Casting Revert Spells: Keep in mind that switching spellbooks is not instantaneous. You will need to cast a “Revert” spell to return to the Standard Spellbook from the Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spellbook. The “Home Teleport” spell will revert you from the Lunar Spellbook, while the “Lumbridge Home Teleport” spell will revert you from the Ancient Magicks Spellbook.
  5. Book Swap Tablet: Another convenient method for switching spellbooks is by using a “Book Swap” tablet. These tablets can be purchased on the Grand Exchange or made with a Lectern in a player-owned house. The Book Swap tablet allows you to change spellbooks from anywhere, eliminating the need to visit the specific altars.