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OSRS Guardians of the Rift Guide

osrs Guardians of the Rift

The Rift is an otherworldly realm accessible via a rift found in the Lumbridge Swamp, west of the Lumbridge Castle. To enter the Rift, you’ll need a Rift Guardian’s charm, which can be obtained by speaking to The Old Crone found near the rift entrance. Once inside, you’ll discover a multitude of activities and challenges waiting to be explored.

Guardians of the Rift

Within the Rift, you will encounter a variety of powerful creatures known as Rift Guardians. These formidable foes are the primary adversaries within this realm and pose a significant threat to any adventurer. Each Rift Guardian has its unique combat mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses, so be prepared for a diverse range of challenges.

Combat Strategies

Defeating Rift Guardians requires a solid understanding of their mechanics. Study their attack patterns and weaknesses to formulate effective combat strategies. Equipping gear and weapons suited to their vulnerabilities is crucial for success.

osrs guardians of the rift game overview
Overview of the Area

Skilling in the Rift

The Rift is not only about combat; it offers various skilling opportunities as well. You can mine strange and valuable resources, fish for exotic species, and even craft rare items found exclusively within this mystical realm. Each skilling activity brings its unique set of challenges and rewards.

Resource Gathering

Explore the Rift’s unique landscapes to discover resources not found in the normal world. Mining and woodcutting are key activities here, allowing you to gather valuable materials.

Fishing and Cooking

Fishing in the Rift introduces you to peculiar aquatic life. Catching these unique creatures can be both a challenge and a source of exotic ingredients for cooking. Experiment with these ingredients to create potent, otherworldly dishes.


Crafting within the Rift yields rare and valuable items. Uncover the secrets of this realm to create powerful equipment and items that can be used both inside and outside the Rift.

The Lore of the Rift

The Rift is steeped in lore, and it’s an excellent place for lore enthusiasts to deepen their understanding of the OSRS universe. Through conversations with NPCs and exploration, you can uncover the mysteries and stories hidden within this strange dimension.

Conversations with NPCs

Engage in conversations with the NPCs scattered throughout the Rift. They can provide valuable information about its history, its Guardians, and the purpose it serves in Gielinor’s grand narrative.

Lore-rich Quests

Embark on Rift-specific quests to immerse yourself further in the Rift’s rich lore. These quests will challenge your wit and provide insights into the history of the Guardians and their role in the OSRS world.