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OSRS Giant Mole Guide

osrs giant mole guide

The Giant Mole, often simply referred to as “the Mole,” is a boss monster in OSRS. It was originally introduced as a random event but was later reworked into a full-fledged boss fight. The Mole has a unique mechanic in that it frequently burrows underground, making it temporarily immune to attacks. To defeat this elusive creature, players must employ specific strategies and equipment.

Preparing for Battle

Gear and Inventory

Before facing the Giant Mole, it’s crucial to prepare the right gear and inventory. A combination of melee and ranged combat styles works best for this boss. Here’s a recommended gear setup:

  • Melee: High-strength gear like the Dharok’s set or Barrows gear.
  • Ranged: Karil’s crossbow and bolt racks or a blowpipe for fast attacks.
  • Inventory: Prayer potions, food (sharks or better), a spade (to dig the mole out of its burrow), and an emergency teleport in case things go awry.

Protect from Melee Prayer

The Mole primarily uses melee attacks, so activate the Protect from Melee prayer to reduce incoming damage. This prayer should be your top priority throughout the fight.

The Fight

Finding the Mole

The Giant Mole has a random spawn location within its lair beneath Falador Park. To locate it, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the mole hole found in the northeastern corner of Falador Park.
  2. Navigate the labyrinthine tunnels, searching for the Mole’s lair.
  3. Pay attention to the minimap for any nearby red dots, indicating the Mole’s presence.

Combat Mechanics

During the fight, the Giant Mole has a unique mechanic:

  • Burrowing: Periodically, the Mole will burrow into the ground, rendering itself immune to attacks. When this happens, use your spade on the Mole’s mound to dig it out. Failure to do so will prolong the battle and increase your chances of taking significant damage.

Attack Patterns

The Giant Mole has two primary attack patterns:

  1. Melee Swipe: It performs a melee swipe attack when in close proximity, which can hit relatively hard. Always keep your distance or activate Protect from Melee to mitigate the damage.
  2. Charge: The Mole charges at players from a distance, dealing damage if it connects. To avoid this, simply move out of its path. Ranged attacks are particularly useful when the Mole is charging.