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OSRS Fight Caves Speedrunning Guide

osrs jad speedrun

Before diving into speedrunning, it’s essential to understand the basics of the Fight Caves. This activity involves progressing through waves of increasingly powerful TzHaar monsters, leading up to the formidable TzTok-Jad. Speedrunning aims to complete these waves as quickly as possible.

Gear and Inventory Setup

The choice of gear is crucial for speedrunning. You’ll want high-damage output and prayer bonus gear. A typical setup includes Karil’s crossbow with bolt racks, Void Knight equipment, and an inventory filled with Saradomin brews, ranging potions, and prayer-restoring items like Saradomin’s brews and prayer potions.

Familiarity with Prayer Switching

Prayer switching is essential for survival in the Fight Caves. You’ll need to switch between Protect from Missiles and Protect from Magic based on the attacks of the monsters. Practice this skill until it becomes second nature.

Speedrunning Strategies

Efficient Wave Progression

Speedrunning Fight Caves is all about wave efficiency. Learn the optimal positioning for each wave, understanding where monsters spawn and how to handle them swiftly. Minimize downtime between waves.

Safe Spots

Utilize safe spots whenever possible to protect yourself from monster attacks. These spots are locations where you can attack monsters while remaining out of their range.

Jad Phase

The climax of Fight Caves is the battle against TzTok-Jad. Speedrunners need to identify his attack sounds and react promptly to switch prayers. Be patient, stay focused, and don’t panic.

Record-Keeping and Practice

Timing Runs

Use a timer to track your progress and identify areas for improvement. Keep detailed records of your attempts, noting where you made mistakes and how to rectify them.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Speedrunning the Fight Caves is a skill that requires practice. Be prepared to fail and learn from your mistakes. Over time, your reaction time and wave-clearing efficiency will improve.