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OSRS F2P Prayer Guide

osrs f2p prayer guide

Before diving into training methods, it’s essential to understand the basics of Prayer in OSRS. To get started, visit a church in a major city like Varrock, Lumbridge, or Falador. You’ll find altars there where you can recharge your Prayer points (PP). As a F2P player, your goal is to maximize your PP and unlock essential prayers like Protect from Melee, Protect from Missiles, and Protect from Magic.

Collecting Bones

The primary method for training Prayer in F2P is by burying bones. You’ll need bones to bury, and there are a few different types to consider:

  1. Regular Bones: These are dropped by various low-level monsters and are the most common bones you’ll encounter. While they offer minimal Prayer experience (1 PP per bone), they’re readily available and a decent option for early levels.
  2. Big Bones: Big Bones offer more Prayer experience than regular bones (15 PP per bone) and can be obtained from giants, hill giants, moss giants, and other creatures. They are a good step up when you want to level up your Prayer.
  3. Dragon Bones: Dragon Bones provide the most Prayer experience among F2P options (72 PP per bone). However, they are quite challenging to obtain, as they only drop from blue dragons. This is an option for high-level Prayer training when you can access these dragons.

Efficient Burying

To make the most out of your bones, follow these tips:

  • Use the Chaos Temple: Located in level 38 Wilderness, the Chaos Temple offers a 50% bonus to Prayer experience gained when burying bones. However, be cautious of player killers in the Wilderness.
  • Use a Gilded Altar: If you have friends who are members, they can help you by letting you use their gilded altar. This grants a 350% Prayer experience bonus, significantly speeding up your training.
  • Optimize Inventory: When training Prayer, it’s crucial to optimize your inventory. Bring as many bones as possible while still leaving room for a prayer potion or food to heal if you encounter aggressive monsters.