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OSRS F2P Cooking Guide

osrs f2p cooking guide

Cooking is an essential skill in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that not only helps you sustain your adventurer with delicious meals but can also be a lucrative money-making method. This guide will focus on Free-to-Play (F2P) cooking training methods, providing you with a step-by-step approach to leveling up your cooking skill efficiently.

Getting Started

Before you begin your culinary journey, make sure you have acquired the necessary tools:

  1. Cooking Range: To cook various types of food, you’ll need access to a cooking range. Common areas include Lumbridge Castle, Al Kharid, and the Grand Exchange in Varrock.
  2. Raw Ingredients: Gather raw ingredients like fish, meat, and vegetables. Raw food can be obtained through combat, fishing, or by purchasing from other players.

Level 1-30: Basic Cooking

The early levels of cooking are relatively straightforward, and you can level up quickly. Here’s a simple path to reach level 30:

  1. Shrimp and Anchovies (Level 1-15): Begin by cooking shrimp and anchovies. These are readily available and require minimal cooking experience.
  2. Trout and Salmon (Level 15-30): Once you reach level 15, move on to trout and salmon. You can find these fish while training your fishing skill.

Level 30-99: Cooking for Profit

Now that you’ve reached level 30, it’s time to focus on more profitable cooking methods. Here are some options:

  1. Lobsters (Level 40-99): Lobsters offer decent experience and profit. Cook lobsters until level 70.
  2. Swordfish (Level 70-99): Swordfish provides a significant experience boost compared to lobsters. Keep cooking these until level 99.

Additional Tips

  1. Cooking Gauntlets: Completing the “Family Crest” quest will grant you access to cooking gauntlets. These gloves increase your chances of successfully cooking food and are especially useful when cooking high-level dishes.
  2. Varrock Diary Rewards: If you complete the Varrock Diary tasks, you can receive a reward that allows you to cook more food at once on a range in Varrock. This speeds up your cooking training significantly.
  3. Cooking Guild: At level 32 cooking, you can enter the Cooking Guild located in Varrock. Here, you can access a bank and cook food close by, which is useful for leveling up.
  4. Cooking Calculator: Utilize online cooking calculators to determine the most efficient path to your desired cooking level based on the food you plan to cook.