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OSRS Dragon Hunter Crossbow

The Dragon Hunter Crossbow is a formidable weapon in the popular online game Old School. This crossbow stands out for its unique ability to deal increased damage to dragons, making it a sought-after choice for players on dragon-slaying quests or tasks. Crafted by combining a Dragon Crossbow with the Dragon Limbs and using a Monkey Tail as the stock, it boasts a distinctive appearance.

What sets this crossbow apart is its special attack, aptly named “Draconic Fury,” which can unleash a devastating blow against dragons, further enhancing its utility in combat. The Dragon Hunter Crossbow is a prized possession among adventurers seeking to conquer the ferocious winged beasts of Gielinor, cementing its status as a symbol of dragon-slaying prowess in OSRS.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow Stats

dhcb stats
DHCB stats