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OSRS Corporeal Beast Guide

osrs corp beast guide

The Corporeal Beast is a formidable boss lurking in the depths of the Wilderness in Old School RuneScape. It’s known for its daunting presence and its ability to challenge even the most experienced adventurers. In this guide, we will delve into the strategies, equipment, and tactics required to defeat this mighty beast and reap the valuable rewards it guards.

Gear Selection

Choosing the right equipment is pivotal for success. Prioritize gear with high defensive stats to withstand the Corporeal Beast’s devastating attacks. Ideal choices include Barrows equipment, Karil’s crossbow, and a spirit shield for its damage reduction properties.

Inventory Setup

Ensure your inventory is stocked with necessary supplies. You’ll need food like sharks, saradomin brews, and prayer potions to sustain you during the battle. Also, bring emergency teleportation runes or items to escape the Wilderness in case of danger.

osrs dark energy core

Engaging the Beast

Once you’ve geared up and prepared your inventory, it’s time to confront the Corporeal Beast:

  1. Finding the Lair: The Corporeal Beast’s lair is located in the Wilderness, so be cautious of player killers (PKers) while making your way there. The entrance is in level 19 Wilderness, near the Chaos Temple.
  2. Summoning the Beast: To summon the Corporeal Beast, players must use an item called a Games Necklace to teleport to the Corporal Beast’s Cave. Once inside, be prepared to face the beast head-on.
  3. The Fight: During the battle, the Corporeal Beast employs a mix of melee and magic attacks. Pay close attention to its animations to anticipate its moves. Utilize protection prayers accordingly to minimize damage.
  4. Spectral Familiars: The Corporeal Beast can summon spectral familiars to its aid. Focus on taking these down quickly to reduce the damage you receive and make the fight more manageable.

Special Attacks:

The Corporeal Beast has two potent special attacks:

  • Dark Energy Core: This attack will launch a dark energy core at you, dealing significant damage if not destroyed. Use your ranged attacks to target and eliminate it swiftly.
  • Dark Core Explosion: When the Dark Energy Core is not destroyed in time, it will explode, dealing massive damage to everyone in the area. Avoid this by destroying the core promptly.