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OSRS Cockatrice Guide

osrs Cockatrice guide

Cockatrices are mystical, chicken-like creatures found primarily in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, requiring level 25 Slayer to engage. They are notorious for their petrification attack, which can turn players into stone. To combat these creatures effectively, it’s crucial to understand their abilities and weaknesses.

Gear Setup

osrs gear setup
Cockatrice Gear Setups


  • Combat Stats: You should have at least 25 Slayer to be assigned cockatrices as a Slayer task.
  • Gear: Melee or Ranged gear with decent defense, as cockatrices can lower your combat stats.
  • Food: Bring some food to heal during combat.
  • Mirror Shield: A Mirror Shield is necessary to avoid being hit by their special attack, which can lower your combat stats.

Combat Strategy:

  1. Wear your Mirror Shield at all times while fighting cockatrices to protect yourself from their special attack.
  2. Approach a cockatrice and attack it with your chosen combat style (Melee or Ranged).
  3. If a cockatrice’s special attack hits you and your combat stats are reduced, you can restore them using stat-boosting items or prayer.
  4. Use food as needed to heal if your health drops significantly. Cockatrices are not particularly strong, but their special attack can be annoying.


  • Cockatrices drop various items, including bones, feathers, herbs, seeds, and noted iron ore. The primary reason for fighting cockatrices is their unique drop, the “Cockatrice Head.” This head can be mounted in a player-owned house as a Slayer trophy.
  • As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, cockatrices do not drop valuable unique items or rare drops.

Additional Tips:

  • If you’re on a Slayer task for cockatrices, consider bringing a rock hammer. After you defeat a cockatrice, you can use the rock hammer to instantly kill the slain cockatrice. This can save time and make your task more efficient.
  • Having high Strength and Defense levels will help you defeat cockatrices more efficiently.
  • Consider using Prayers such as Protect from Melee and Piety to boost your combat abilities and reduce damage taken.