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OSRS Blast Mining Guide

osrs blast mining guide

Blast mining is a unique and engaging method of mining in OSRS that combines traditional mining with the thrill of explosives. Located in the volcanic city of Lovakengj, players can access the Blast Mine, which offers a different approach to gathering ores like ore veins and the ever-valuable ores used in making dynamite.

Requirements and Essentials

Before you start blowing things up, you’ll need to meet some requirements and gather essential items. Here’s what you need:

  1. Requirements: To participate in blast mining, you must have a Mining level of at least 75.
  2. Gear: Equip yourself with the best Mining gear you can afford, such as the Prospector Outfit, Mining gloves, and a Dragon or Rune pickaxe.
  3. Dynamite: The heart of blast mining. Purchase dynamite from the Blast Mine shop or Grand Exchange. You can also craft your dynamite using the Herblore skill.


Head to Lovakengj, found in the southwestern part of Great Kourend. There, you’ll discover the Blast Mine situated within the Lovakengj House.

how to find blast mining area osrs
Blast Mine location

The Mechanics of Blast Mining

Blast mining is a straightforward yet engaging activity. Here’s how it works:

  1. Preparing the Ore Vein: First, identify an ore vein you want to mine. These veins appear as dark rocks with a pulsating arrow above them. Right-click and select “Light Fuse” to attach dynamite.
  2. Igniting Dynamite: After lighting the fuse, you have 12 seconds to move away from the dynamite before it explodes. Be cautious not to stand too close, as the blast can deal significant damage.
  3. Gathering Resources: Once the dynamite explodes, it dislodges ores, which you can then mine as usual. The explosion may also clear additional rocks in the area, exposing more veins.