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OSRS Blade of Saeldor

osrs Blade of Saeldor

The Blade of Saeldor is a legendary weapon in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), coveted by adventurers for its exceptional power and unique design. Crafted from the remains of the revered Theatre of Blood’s final boss, Verzik Vitur, this blade stands as a symbol of mastery in the game.

Blade of Saeldor Stats

osrs Blade of Saeldor
Blade of Saeldor stats

Stats and Requirements:

  • Attack Requirement: 75 Attack.
  • Defense Requirement: 75 Defense.
  • Slash Attack Bonus: +132.
  • Crush Attack Bonus: +86.
  • Stab Attack Bonus: +82.
  • Strength Bonus: +108.

Special Effect:

The Blade of Saeldor has a special effect when equipped with a full crystal armor set, including the crystal helm, crystal body, and crystal legs. When all pieces of the set are worn, the Blade of Saeldor gains the following properties:

  1. Increased damage: The Blade of Saeldor’s base damage is significantly increased.
  2. Charges: It can hold charges and degrade over time when in combat. These charges can be replenished using crystal shards.
  3. Magic Protection: The Blade of Saeldor also provides good protection against magic attacks.


The Blade of Saeldor can be obtained by purchasing it from the Justiciar Zachariah in the city of Prifddinas for crystal shards. The crystal shards can be earned by defeating various NPCs and monsters in the game, and they are used to recharge the Blade of Saeldor as well.