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OSRS Black Salamanders Guide

osrs black salamanders guide

Old School RuneScape offers a plethora of activities for players to engage in, and one of the more unique and profitable endeavors is hunting Black Salamanders. These elusive creatures roam the Wilderness, offering a rewarding hunting experience for players seeking valuable drops and experience points. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Black Salamander hunting, covering everything from the basics to advanced strategies to help you maximize your gains.

Understanding Black Salamanders

Black Salamanders are reptilian creatures found exclusively in the Wilderness of OSRS. They are known for their unique drop table, which includes valuable items such as the Black Salamander weapon, ensouled heads, and various runes. To embark on this adventure, you’ll need a few essentials:

1. Hunter Level: To start hunting Black Salamanders, you’ll need a Hunter level of 67.

2. Equipment: Bring along gear suitable for the Wilderness. This includes armor, weapons, and food for combat encounters with other players or NPCs.

3. Runes: It’s a good idea to carry runes for teleportation spells like “Teleport to Edgeville” to escape the Wilderness quickly in case of danger.

4. Looting Bag: Consider bringing a looting bag to store Black Salamander ensouled heads and other valuable drops.

Starting Out

Before heading to the Wilderness, you’ll need to be aware of some key information:

1. Location: Black Salamanders can be found in several spots in the Wilderness. The most popular location is in level 19 Wilderness, east of the Chaos Temple. Use the Wilderness Obelisks or the Edgeville lever to reach these areas efficiently.

2. Trap Setup: To catch Black Salamanders, you will need to set up traps. Make sure to bring the required number of small fishing nets and rope. Each trap requires one of each.

Hunting Strategy

Now that you’re equipped and ready to go, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hunt Black Salamanders effectively:

1. Set Up Traps: Find a suitable location and set up your traps. Black Salamander hunting spots typically have multiple trap locations. Place your traps in a way that maximizes your catch rate.

2. Attract Salamanders: Use your small fishing nets to catch Swamp Lizards, which can be used as bait to lure Black Salamanders into your traps. Each trap requires one Swamp Lizard as bait.

3. Wait and Monitor: Keep an eye on your traps and wait for them to catch Black Salamanders. Once a trap catches a Salamander, you can either reset it or loot the trap, depending on your preference.

4. Combat Encounters: Be prepared for player killers (PKers) or aggressive NPCs while hunting in the Wilderness. Stay vigilant, and always be ready to teleport away if the situation becomes dangerous.

5. Loot and Teleport: Once your inventory is full of Black Salamanders, ensouled heads, and other valuable drops, teleport to a safe location to bank your items and start the process again.