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OSRS Black Dragon Guide

osrs black dragons guide

Black Dragons are formidable creatures that can be challenging to defeat, but they offer valuable drops and are a popular choice for players looking to make money or train their combat skills.


The Black Dragon can be found in the Evil Chicken’s Lair. To get there, you need to complete the “Recipe for Disaster” quest and have a raw chicken in your inventory to access the lair.

Gear Setup

osrs black dragons melee gear
  • Melee Setup:
    • A melee setup with high-attack and high-strength gear, such as a Whip or Dragon Scimitar, along with defensive gear.
  • Ranged Setup:
    • A Ranged setup with a blowpipe and Karil’s Crossbow or Dragon Hunter Crossbow for dragon tasks. This is an effective choice when using the Kourend Catacombs location.

Inventory Setup:

  • Antifire potion or Dragonfire potion: Protects against dragonfire.
  • Food: High-healing food like sharks or anglerfish.
  • Prayer potions or Super Restore potions: To restore prayer points for protection prayers and boosting your stats.
  • Teleport out runes or teleport jewelry: To quickly exit the area when needed.
  • Extended antifire potions (if available): These offer longer protection from dragonfire.

Combat Strategy:

  1. Enter the black dragon location and equip your anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire Ward.
  2. Drink your antifire potion or Dragonfire potion.
  3. Activate Protect from Melee or Protect from Missiles Prayer to reduce damage from dragon melee attacks.
  4. Approach the black dragon and start attacking with your chosen combat style.
  5. Continue using your protection prayers, and keep an eye on your health and prayer points.
  6. If you’re using Ranged, the blowpipe is highly effective due to its speed and damage output.


Black dragons drop valuable items, such as dragon bones, black dragonhide, and various other items. Be sure to pick these up, as they can be sold for profit or used in various skills like Prayer or Crafting.

Teleporting Out:

When your supplies are running low or you need to bank, use your teleport runes or jewellery to exit the area.


  • If you’re on a Slayer task for black dragons, the Slayer helmet (i) is a great choice, as it offers a damage and accuracy boost against your task.
  • Using the Kourend Catacombs location is convenient because it has a nearby altar to recharge your Prayer points.
  • Be cautious when fighting multiple black dragons, as they can deal significant damage, especially when using dragonfire attacks.