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OSRS Black Chinchompas Guide

osrs black Chinchompas guide

Black chinchompas are elusive creatures found in the Wilderness, specifically in level 32 to 36 Wilderness. To hunt them, you need a box trap, which can hold up to four chinchompas at a time. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to hunt black chinchompas:

Gear and Inventory Preparation

Before heading into the Wilderness, prepare your gear. You’ll need:

  • Black D’hide Armor: Provides protection against Ranged attacks.
  • Crossbow and bolts: Useful for fighting off player killers.
  • Anti-PK gear: Wilderness-specific gear to defend against player killers.
  • Box Traps: The primary tool for catching black chinchompas.
  • Food and Prayer Potions: Essential for surviving in the Wilderness.
  • Teleport Items: Emergency teleportation items to escape danger.

Location and Setting Traps

Once in the Wilderness, head to the black chinchompa hunting area. Set your box traps strategically, making sure they’re spaced out to maximize your catch rate. Stay alert for any potential player killers (PKers) lurking nearby.

osrs where to hunt black chins
Black Chinchompa hunting area

Catching Black Chinchompas

As the black chinchompas wander into your traps, they will be caught and stored in your inventory. Keep an eye on your traps and replace them as needed to maintain a high catch rate.