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OSRS Bird Houses Guide

osrs bird house guide

Birdhouses are small structures scattered throughout the game world, in regions such as the Woodland and Hosidius. Players can build and maintain these houses to attract birds, which lay eggs that contain valuable loot when caught.

osrs bird house hunter
Bird House Locations

Building Your First Birdhouse

  1. Unlocking the Skill: Before you can begin building birdhouses, ensure that you have at least level 5 Hunter. You can start training this skill by trapping kebbits or other low-level creatures.
  2. Gathering Materials: To build birdhouses, you will need logs, nails, and a hammer. The type of logs and nails required depend on the tier of birdhouse you want to create. For example, novice birdhouses require logs and steel nails.
  3. Finding a Location: Birdhouses are located in various regions, and each type of birdhouse is suitable for different bird species. Choose a location based on your Hunter level and the birds you want to attract.
  4. Building the Birdhouse: Once you have the necessary materials and have chosen a location, right-click on the birdhouse hotspot and select “Build” to create your birdhouse.

Filling Birdhouses

Bait and Seed: To attract birds to your birdhouse, you’ll need to add both bait and seeds. The type of bait and seeds depend on the birdhouse tier and location. Use the appropriate bait and seeds to maximize your chances of catching birds.

Checking the Birdhouses: Birdhouses require regular checking and maintenance. They can hold up to 10 birds before becoming full. Check your birdhouses by right-clicking on them and selecting “Check.”

Harvesting and Rewards

Collecting Nests: When you check a birdhouse and it’s full, you can collect your rewards. Smash the birdhouse to obtain the nests. These nests can contain various items, including seeds, rings, and dragonstones.

Experience Gained: You will also gain Hunter experience when you collect nests from the birdhouses. The amount of experience depends on the type of birdhouse and the number of birds caught.