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OSRS Best Place to Chop Oak Trees

best places to cut oak trees in osrs

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers players a wide range of activities to engage in, and one of the most fundamental skills is Woodcutting. Oak trees, with their balanced experience and accessibility, are a popular choice for players looking to level up their Woodcutting skill.


The Beginner’s Paradise When it comes to starting your Woodcutting journey, Lumbridge is the go-to location. Oak trees are scattered throughout the area, making it ideal for players who are just getting started. The proximity to the bank and the absence of any aggressive monsters make it a safe and convenient choice for novices.


A Bustling Hub Varrock is another fantastic place to chop oak trees. The Grand Exchange offers a central location for players to buy and sell logs, making it a bustling hub for woodcutters. Oak trees in Varrock can be found north of the city, near the Castle and in the Lumber Yard. It’s a great choice for players who want to make a little extra profit by selling logs.


The Quiet Alternative While not as bustling as Varrock, Falador has its charm for woodcutters. Oak trees can be found south of the city walls and east of Taverley. This area is often less crowded, providing a more peaceful woodcutting experience. Additionally, Falador’s proximity to a bank and the Crafting Guild makes it a versatile choice for woodcutters.


A Hidden Gem Taverley offers a hidden gem for oak tree chopping. Located just east of Falador, this area is often overlooked by players. However, it provides a peaceful and efficient woodcutting experience with oak trees conveniently positioned close to a bank. Taverley is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a less crowded location.

Seers’ Village

The Nature Lover’s Paradise For those who enjoy a picturesque environment while chopping oak trees, Seers’ Village is the place to be. With oak trees surrounding the village and the Camelot Castle nearby, it offers a serene and charming woodcutting experience. The bank in Seers’ Village is also close, allowing for easy log storage and retrieval.