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OSRS Avernic Defender

osrs Avernic Defender

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Avernic Defender is a highly sought-after and formidable melee weapon. It is primarily known for its exceptional defensive capabilities, making it a popular choice for players looking to tank and absorb damage in various combat situations. The Avernic Defender boasts impressive defensive stats, with a substantial increase in defensive bonuses compared to other shields and defenders in the game.

Avernic Defender Stats

osrs avernic defender
Dragon Defender stats

Stats and Requirements:

  • Attack Requirement: 70 Attack.
  • Defense Requirement: 70 Defense.

Defensive Stats:

  • Stab Defense Bonus: +65.
  • Slash Defense Bonus: +63.
  • Crush Defense Bonus: +67.
  • Magic Defense Bonus: -3.
  • Ranged Defense Bonus: +62.

Special Attack:

The Avernic Defender has a special attack called “Avernic Defenders.” When activated, it consumes 50% of your special attack energy. The special attack provides a significant boost to accuracy and damage for a short duration, making it particularly useful in player-versus-player (PvP) combat situations.


The Avernic Defender is not obtained through standard in-game activities or as a drop from a particular monster. Instead, players can obtain it by upgrading the Dragon Defender, which requires an Avernic Defender Hilt and an ancient wyvern shield.

The Avernic Defender Hilt can be acquired by purchasing it from the Bounty Hunter Store using Bounty Hunter points. These points are earned by participating in the Bounty Hunter minigame.