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OSRS Ardougne Diary Guide

osrs ardougne diary guide

The city of Ardougne in Old School RuneScape is a bustling metropolis teeming with quests, activities, and challenges for adventurous players. Among the many goals you can pursue in Ardougne, completing the Ardougne Diary stands out as a noteworthy accomplishment. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various tasks and requirements associated with the Ardougne Diary, along with the lucrative rewards it offers to those who dare to take on its challenges.

Ardougne Easy Diary

osrs ardougne easy diary

Once you’ve met the prerequisites, you can start with the Easy Ardougne Diary. This diary is the first step towards unlocking the more rewarding tiers. The tasks typically involve simple activities around Ardougne, such as pickpocketing, fishing, and exploring. Completion of the Easy Diary provides various benefits, such as noted drops from the Tower of Life creature, easier access to the Ardougne Monastery, and an improved chance of succeeding at the Fight Arena.

Ardougne Medium Diary

osrs ardougne medium diary

To advance to the Medium Ardougne Diary, you must complete the Easy Diary tasks first. The Medium Diary tasks are more challenging, involving activities like defeating the Chaos Druids, creating runes at the Ourania Altar, and helping the citizens of East Ardougne. The rewards for the Medium Diary are even more enticing, including the ability to toggle the watchtower teleport location, a reduced failure rate when pickpocketing, and the option to exchange your bones for bonemeal and buckets of slime.

Ardougne Hard Diary

osrs ardougne hard diary

The Hard Ardougne Diary is the pinnacle of the Ardougne Diary series and requires the completion of both the Easy and Medium Diaries. The tasks here are considerably tougher and include defeating the powerful bosses like the Chaos Elemental, crafting Blood Runes, and navigating the Underground Pass. The rewards for completing the Hard Diary are well worth the effort, featuring a drastically reduced failure rate when pickpocketing, increased marks of grace at the Ardougne rooftop agility course, and the highly coveted elite clue scroll drop rate boost.

Ardougne Elite Diary

osrs ardougne elite diary

While the Elite Ardougne Diary is not currently available, it’s worth noting that it may become accessible in future OSRS updates. Keep an eye on the official Old School RuneScape website and community news for any announcements regarding the release of this elite tier diary.